Major-ly Arcane: Get to Know the 3rd Edition of The Portland Tarot

Modern yet satisfying—and deeply mysterious—this Major Arcana edition of The Portland Tarot gets the job done: It’s your daily bridge to the divine.

Created purposefully to guide independent (even renegade!) souls on their journeys, The Portland Tarot is inspired by the City of Bridges, whose culture, spirit, and quirky, creative citizenry make Portland  such a natural choice as backdrop for this deck.

This version of The Portland Tarot includes only the 23 (usually 22) cards of this Tarot’s Major Arcana, a can-stand-alone portion of a complete, 78 (or, in this case, 79) card deck. Those other 56 cards? They’re known as the Minor Arcana. While the Major Arcana cards typically refer to more universal, karmic, or archetypal issues, the Minors address daily life—from work to romance to vacation plans.

Thank you for creating genuine art from your heart. The world needs more of this!

–Sarah P.

This sometimes-whimsical, always-character-driven deck is alive to the issues of the modern world. It’s eager to answer your questions—whether you’re concerned about embarking on a vision quest or about making the best business decision.

And if you’ve never read Tarot before? You’ll find The Portland Tarot a kind and quick-hearted mentor, one who will lead you gently toward important insights and information of your own.

Wow . . . Wow . . . Wow!!

Wow! Truly magical.

–Terri G.

Once you have your deck in hand, open the package with care—the myriad, rich colors, images, and ideas are likely to burst out in a rush that will carry you across the bridge of consciousness in a swirl of  symbol and metaphor. What will you find on the other side? Only you—and Tarot—can tell.

WOW! My jaw just dropped as my third eye popped WIDE OPEN!!! Beauty! Intrigue!! Awesomeness!!!

–Jeremiah C.

The 23 cards of The Portland Tarot Major Arcana

While many of these cards have retained their traditional titles, some have been given new monikers to better represent a more modern—more Portland!—take on the card’s energy.

0) The Fool

1) The Magician

2) The High Priestess: Still in awe at the beauty of this picture; it’s so perfect, it gives me goosebumps. —Erica S.

3) The Empress

4) The Emperor: Complete with Foo Dog!

5) The House of the Seeker: Traditionally, The Hierophant, this card is inspired by Carl Sagan’s wonder of science and the unfolding universe and is more inclusive of pathways to knowledge and spiritual discovery than the traditional Hierophant archetype.

6) The Lovers

7) The Chariot

8) Strength

9) The Hermit: This 21st century Hermit asks, Are you pulling away from the world for quiet and introspection, or are you hiding? Are you taking a break from technology to get to your inner truth—  or are you using technology to distance yourself from others?

10) The Wheel of Fortune

11) Justice

12) The Hanged Woman: Traditionally, The Hanged Man, even though she’s definitely hung up, she’s having a good time! No victims here.

13) Death

14) Temperance

15) The Devil

16) Mount St. Helens: Traditionally, The Tower. Brilliant! As soon as I saw this card, I knew this deck was the real deal. Explosively vivid. It’s like watching a dance with Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune— right over our morphogenetic cityscape. –Jeremiah Coleman

17) The Star

18) The Moon

19) The Sun

20) Judgment

21) The City: Traditionally, The World, but in The Portland Tarot, Portland is the world!

22) The Weird: Unique to The Portland Tarot, The Weird speaks to the space between spaces, the moments when all has dissolved and has yet to re-gel. A time out of time, not yet The Fool, in The Weird, the tides of connectedness and magic tug at you. Stay alert! Shapeshifting is afoot.

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