Meet “The Lovers” Card

Meet “The Lovers” Card

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The Portland Tarot Majors – A Daily Commute

Day “6” – The Lovers

You are at a crossroads. You have to choose one direction, or find a way to merge multiple paths into one ideal. There is no place that this is more challenging than in love and relationships; often we find ourselves in a position where me must make a choice about love, or in the name of love. Remember that communication is a key to finding your way to the right path; let your heart have its say. Ultimately there is no one right or wrong answer, as long as the direction you choose speaks to your highest truth.

The Lovers card has most often, for me, been a card about choices. Usually it comes up when I am struggling with a choice… Do I go this way or that? Is there a way I can have my cake and eat it, too? How can I experience the joys of living in this 3d world and stay connected with spirit at the same time?

The traditional Rider-Waite imagery brings to mind Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; despite their nudity, the two lovers feel incredibly disconnected to me; in short, there is no feeling of love in the usual lovers card. I wanted to see a couple represented that displayed true chemistry and companionship as well as a real diversity of choices, in love and beyond.

The Portland Tarot Major Arcana - 6 The LoversI was delighted when Danni and Sam (and their pug Willie) agreed to model for this card, because I felt they were an adorable, colorful couple and represented the more playful bond that I see in the relationships among my own Portland cast of friends. For many I know, being a lover is about a deep connection that spans across a variety of topics: relate-ability, friendship, sexuality, love, mutual responsibility, dream compatibility, lifestyle, and the ability to play together. The best of lovers are also the best of friends, and appreciate each other’s creativity and sense of humor. To me, the concept of the Lovers card should nod to true companionship and sharing, and Danni and Sam really fit that image. I was so grateful they were on board to help me breathe some fun into it!

I adore the story about how Danni and Sam got together; I feel that it truly represents one meaning that I often associate with the Lovers card: a need to be open to a middle way on our quest for love.

When Danni asked Sam out in college, she was uncertain whether her crush already knew she was a lesbian. The attraction was mutual, but Sam was straightforward about the fact he’d just come out as transgendered. Danni thought it over and said, “I can roll with that.” And indeed they both did, and are a sweet, brilliant, and adorable duo to this day.

These two are both creative powerhouses, and from what I can tell, this sharing of a creative life is a huge reason their relationship is so inspiring. (Danni is a killer event manager for experiential marketing campaigns and Sam is an uber-talented graphic designer and artist.) So it’s probably of no surprise that I had a blast collaborating with them on this card. We developed the pug angel leash idea together, and when I suggested they show up to the shoot in colorful attire, they got it right on the mark (even going so far as to include matching polka dots in each of their outfits).

Willie (who of course has his own Facebook page) takes the place of the usual angel, which I have seen interpreted as representing the communication space between the lovers. As pets so often become the common ground of communication for many couples, I thought it perfect that Willie would be floating between them, connected by the energy leashes they each hold.

This is one of the happiest, most delightful lovers cards I’ve seen, and this is in great part thanks to Sam and Danni, who bring the most wonderful, loving vibe to the card. I always smile when I see this card come up in a reading. It lends a playful energy to the concept of choice, and a buoyancy to the pursuit of love. I think Tarot—and life—could use a little more of both.

Locations/Landmarks: Pioneer Courthouse Square — Milepost Sign and Chessboard

Models: Danni Cannon (, Sam Lisieski (, and Willie Cannon-Liskieski (

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