Tarot Readings with Theresa

Theresa Pridemore, reading at World Domination Summit 2013A Tarot reading is a fun experience where you get to “play” with your life as an observer, get in touch with your authentic self, and unveil your truest, deepest desires.

It is not fortune telling, per se, because the future is not set. You are creating it right now. The question is, would you rather create your future mindfully, or on autopilot? We all have shadow stuff that we are working through, in a realization toward the truth that is our own inner light… And the most powerful act you can take to pivot away from shadow is to simply and truly witness it.

People have different experiences in my readings, from recognizing the truth that is at the core of their circumstances, to powerful energetic clearings, to helpful messages from those who have passed, to making marketing decisions for their business. I have helped others to evaluate the energy behind options and the crux of their decisions. People have claimed passions, taken on new and exciting careers, moved on from relationships that no longer served, and into relationships that brought them great joy.

I would love to spend some Tarot time with you. E-mail me to schedule an appointment and learn more about your life and who you are in the process of becoming. Schedule some quality time with yourself and your dreams. If you want to see how I’ve helped others, check out some testimonials for my work.

All readings require advance payment through PayPal.

General Phone & Skype Readings

Price: $50 for a 30 minutes, $90 for 1 hour, $130 for 1.5 hours.
We will take a look at anything you want, from work to relationships and more.

Divine Business Blueprint Readings

Price: $250 for two hours.
Running a business is a spiritual journey with great personal growth and rewards. This in depth reading is for business shamans who want to find a deeper and more gratifying place with their work.

We will look at you, your business, and how to get in alignment with your purpose using your business as a conduit. You will come away with a better understanding of the divine purpose of your business as an entity you are helping manifest in this world and how to better align with that energy to meet your own personal goals and development. You will come away with better understanding of how to communicate the divine purpose of your business with your tribe, to better attract the business partners and clients you seek. And, ultimately, how to find a deeper joy in the gifts you bring forth for the world.

3-Card E-mail Readings

Price: $45
You ask a question and I e-mail you my response to the cards I draw for your inquiry within 48 hours.

In Person

Price: $30 added to the cost of the reading, one hour minimum
For general readings or divine business blueprint readings, you may prefer to meet in person. This is not always available, but feel free to make an inquiry, as I do understand that an in person connection is more suitable for some. We will meet at a coffee shop in North Portland to conduct your reading. Please note, if our reading goes over time, you will be invoiced online for the extra time after our session is completed, to be paid within 3 days of the appointment.

The Tarot is a clear conduit for your highest good information, and it’s not my job to tell you what to do, but to help you see the energy that is at the core of what you are choosing in your life.

You will get as much from a reading as you are ready to. The more open you are to the experience, the better your results will be. The Tarot honors an earnest querent with profound insight. I simply use my intuitive skills to tap into the information best suited to you at this moment of your life.

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My Tarot Philosophy:
The Undercurrent of “What Is”

Tarot is a beautiful tool for delving into the secrets of the past and the future. We long to understand what was and to predict what will be. Nothing the Tarot predicts of the future is set in stone, for we are all ultimately the masters of our destiny. Tarot just teaches us about where we are likely to arrive if we stay on our current path.

Looking to the future is educational for allowing us the opportunity to stay on path if we are content with the outcome, or to make alterations if we are not. However, looking to the present to see what we are currently in the process of creating, is far more educational. What are the patterns of energy that run through our lives, our feelings, and our creations? What is the energy of the interaction between us and other people? What foundations are we setting for our tomorrow that we can learn from today?

Many schools of metaphysical thought teach that the true power of harnessing our reality is in being fully present in the Now, and Tarot is no different. The cards have led me to help many people look at their underlying beliefs and attitudes, hopes and fears, to get to the bottom of why they have created their world as it is. Even better, the cards give clues about how to restructure one’s thinking and beliefs to come into greater alignment with one’s true purpose and desire.

Everything in life is created with thought. Tarot illuminates thoughts and feelings, and tells you what these thoughts and feelings are creating in your world, and how well they align with who you are. Tarot reveals the patterns at the core of your struggles to offer sensible solutions that honor your highest self. Above all, my Tarot readings are aimed at giving the client a sense of better understanding of self, and a feeling of empowerment.

Who you were yesterday or will be tomorrow can educate you on how to make choices that are more deeply fulfilling now.

Contact me to schedule an appointment and gain greater insight into who you are now and the future you are creating for yourself.