The Portland Tarot Majors Deck – Available Now

A brand spankin’ new version of The 4″ x 6″ Portland Tarot Majors-only deck is now available, with beautiful new packaging.

The Portland Tarot - Your Daily Bridge to the Divine

The Portland Tarot front retail package

As described on the back cover:

One rainy, fall day, Portland artist and Tarotist Theresa Pridemore was inspired to create a totally modern, perfectly Portland Tarot. The cards­—bloomed from Theresa’s love of The City of Roses—capture Portland’s quirky spirit and feature people who exemplify its soul.

Whimsical and profound, The Portland Tarot is as relevant to new readers as it is to those who’ve been around the Tarot block. Just quiet your mind, shuffle, and let this 23-card Major Arcana deck guide you to fresh insights—with just the right amount of weird.

Comes with a 64-page guide that instructs on the basics of reading Tarot and offers card layouts and interpretations. Use the three accompanying Portland Bridge cards to help focus your readings.

Made in Portland, Oregon

Only $29.95!

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Check out the sample art below, learn more about the cards or check out some of the art within at larger sizes.


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