Fierce, Independent, and Creative – A Deck that Bridges Old and New

If you are looking for a deck that’s fun, rich in symbolism, beautiful, and bridges the present and past, look no further. The Portland Tarot Major Arcana Deck (and the upcoming full deck) are perfect companions for your daily ritual.

Why Portland, Oregon for a Tarot deck? Well, I live here, and I love this place. But it’s more than that. To me, Portland and Tarot have a lot in common: places where misfits and independent thinkers turn to find their special resonance in the world; where we find the tools to set the tone for healthy relationships and richly abundant futures; places full of inspiration and insight; both forward-thinking and appreciative of tradition and archetypes; both arenas where the artist runs wild with creative fodder.

The Weird Card from The Portland Tarot Deck

The Weird

I wanted to create a deck that was dually respectful of the traditions of Tarot, but also a little bit subversive and weird. Dark, but sometimes funny. Modern, yet imbued with the richness of ancient symbols. This is a deck for the seeker, the individual who wants to look at Tarot in a new light. It’s a deck for the independent, stubborn soul who wants to find their own way in the world. Oh yeah, and if I do say so, the art is pretty fucking cool.

My goal from the beginning has been to create pieces of art that people would love to hang on their walls in their own right. But I don’t want them to just be lovely… They need to be rich enough to do meaningful readings with.

One vision I had early on was to create a deck with some tangible relationship with the modern world and the questions and ponderings a modern person is likely to have. The challenge (and fun!) has been to make this exploration continue to align in a significant way with the beautiful archetypes we have all become familiar with. At the end of the day, I’ve endeavored to make the deck I have always wanted: one that worked for spirit-journeys and business decisions both, without sacrificing that magical, mysterious quality that draws me to Tarot over and over again for self-exploration.

I’ve completed the third edition of The Portland Tarot Major Arcana deck and will be working on the full deck into 2017, and want to share each new piece of art and every exciting development along the way.

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Rev. Liliana Barzola-Read of Lotus Lantern Healing Arts“Theresa provides powerful insight through the tarot. Combining intuition and her knowledge of symbols, she provides a holistic perspective to the fragmented experiences of our lives. Her artistry is otherworldly yet palatable and profound.”

Rev. Liliana Barzola Read
Owner of Lotus Lantern Healing Arts