“The Portland Tarot” Mentioned in The Oregonian for World Tarot Day

“The Portland Tarot” Mentioned in The Oregonian for World Tarot Day

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I am so excited to have been included in an interview for World Tarot Day, in tandem with some exciting news from Tarot.com. They were recently bought up by a great company that shares their passion for divination. They wanted to spread the word, and to show people how wonderful a daily tool for insight, meditation, and relaxation that Tarot can be. I was honored when they offered me up as a reader reference! And even more honored when the journalist decided to do a call out about my project with an illustration of the Strength card and its meaning at the bottom of the article.

One thing that delights me is how she included a concept that I have my intuitive mentor, Liliana Barzola-Read, to thank for, that of maintaining seniority over yourself and your own life. When people fall into traps with charlatans or people who deliberately take advantage of others’ vulnerability in the intimate environment of a reading, that is a matter of the client giving up their power to that person. And you will know when you have, because it makes you feel icky! I always advise people to trust their gut, to trust themselves when something doesn’t feel right. But that’s a blog post in its own right!

Here’s a little snippet from the article!

Theresa Pridemore,  34,  is an artist and web developer, who began reading Tarot in 2008. She used a book to help her interpret the cards and kept a journal to see how her readings played out in her life.

“Tarot is a way to meditate about your life,” she says. “It helps me quiet my mind.” She uses the cards to survey her subconscious mind.

“Tarot shows where your energy is right now,” she says. “It’s a mirror of where you are. Sometimes, we can’t see ourselves clearly without a mirror.” She reads for friends, at parties and sometimes in a business setting, where fear or uncertainty surrounds questions of creativity, career paths and choices.

“The cards give you a hint about what’s coming your way, but the future they reveal is not set in stone,” she says. “Tarot helps me see the greater patterns in my life.”

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