Testimonials – Readings with Theresa

Wonder what it would be like to get a reading with Theresa? Check out the following testimonials:

Theresa Pridemore is an amazingly gifted intuitive. Her tarot readings have helped me to make difficult decisions in my life and brought me much needed validation and clarity around other decisions. Theresa is incredibly insightful, compassionate and clear. Sessions with her are always enlightening and immensely helpful not to mention super fun! Her sense of humor and support have made all the difference for me in my life!

– Melinda

I have had many tarot readings from Theresa and others, and I believe that Theresa is hands-down the best tarot reader around. What does that really mean? In my experience, it means that she has consistently and creatively used her intuitive gifts and knowledge of the tarot to help me gain insight into challenges and opportunities in my life.

I remember one reading in particular in which I asked about why things weren’t working out for me in both my career and relationships for the past several years. By reading the situation with the cards (and of course her formidable intuition), she identified a very subtle sabotage technique that I employ. This completely blew my mind; the moment she said it, I knew it was true but I had never been able to articulate it before. It felt like a big missing link in connecting me back with my highest good. Being made aware of it empowered me to choose whether I wanted to continue the behavior. Theresa is basically amazing!

– Cynthia L.

Thank you. You are something special, and I so enjoy you as a human, a time-traveller, and a visionary. Plus, you broke through some 100-year-old ice I’ve been chipping away at for years. And, it seemed you did it with me right alongside you. Participating, not just handing my power over to The Healer.

Nothing more powerful than that, I think. So many, many thanks.

– Leona P.

When I was sorely tempted to reunite with an emotionally abusive and manipulative ex of mine, Theresa gave me great insight and firmly placed my own future in my hands, which made me feel empowered, positively guided and strong. She told me to trust my instincts and it made a powerful impact on me.

– Dida S.

Theresa! The reading you gave me recently really hit the spot! When I booked my appointment, I wasn’t sure that the cards would offer anything that would help. But with your compassion–and brilliant insights!–you made those cards SING! Thank you so much. A half-hour with you and your brilliant Portland Tarot and I can see my next steps clearly. It was like you turned on the light.

– Anonymous, Florida