Thanks All Around

These are the folks who were pivotal in helping me complete the 2nd Edition deck:

This deck and book are involved projects, and there is no way they could exist without the support of many kind-hearted souls. Thank you to:

Cynthia, for inspiring this project from the get-go and helping me embrace a long-standing dream of making a Tarot deck; Jefferson, for supporting me relentlessly in this crazy dream and staying up many late nights with me—giving feedback, working Photoshop magic and encouraging me through the challenges; Jamie, for calling me out of the blue and committing her most excellent talents, sense of humor and professionalism to this project and book (which is amazing because of her), not to mention contributing the Weird card concept and Bridge Spreads; Lee, for caring mentorship and resource sharing; Sandra, Erin and Gabby, at Splendorporium gallery, for their support and for hosting the annual Tarot art show that helped instigate this deck; Liliana, for her devoted belief in and support of my work; Ivy, for props and costumes, and collaboration on the High Priestess shoot; Saundra, for crowdfunding campaign support; Brooke, for her enthusiasm and photo assistance; Jacki, for ideas, encouragement and sharing; Daniel, Drew, Kenia, Laura and Sara, for giving me a place to share my work and helping me build momentum; Darka and Miri, for lending music and friendship; Dianne, for print and emotional support; Ross, for appreciating and sharing the project, in print and beyond; Dill, for location assistance and pep talks; Jeremiah and Dorine, for friendship, zest and helpfulness during WDS and beyond; Hollywood Vintage, for costume rental support; Leo, for giving me the stage on more than one occasion; Geahk, for sage advice and the use of his wings for the Judgment card; Gregory Gardner and OneDoorLand, for use of the Keyhole Portal in the Judgment card; Nancy, for her lovely locks; Solandia at; the ladies at Women with Moxie; World Domination Summit;; and Amanda Palmer, for inspiring me as an artist and businesswoman from (it sometimes seems) not so afar.

Jamie and I both would like to thank Bonnie Cehovet for being such a wonderful believer in this project from early on and for spreading the good word far and wide; Christiana Gaudet, for her encouragement, great interviewing skills and for sharing the project in her channels; and Mary K. Mannix for being a wonderful ear and advisor in the development of this book. We would also like to extend a hearty thanks to the folks on Indiegogo who financially supported this edition.

Last but definitely not least, we thank all of the amazing models for their stories and inspiration, and for sharing their beauty, inner and outer.

I may not have gotten funding, but wanted to give credit to the people who made my Kickstarter in 2013 possible!

Cynthia Lopez of Eleusis Films for taking time off from her intense documentary-filming schedule to collaborate and play with me on the creation of my Kickstarter video. Also for her fabulous insights on the Tarot. (And for making an excellent Chariot-eer.)

Miri and Darka Stebivka of Mode M / mammoth in space for providing music for the video, titled “Parallel Universal Mall”.

Saundra Sorenson for spending her free time helping me promote the project and for writing a fab press release. (And for being a beautiful Moon.)

Brooke Redbird of Redbird Design for supporting me tirelessly in executing this Kickstarter and keeping it running smoothly. (And for being a kick-ass Death.)

Lee Moyer for supporting the project beginning to end, providing insight and inspiration, writing an awesome Kickstarter whitepaper (yes, awesome! like a zillion billion hot dogs), and for being in the video. (And for being a handsome Magician.)

Marie Ballance and her kitty Bunny for braving the camera for our video. (And for being a beautiful Justice.)

And, last but definitely not least…

Jefferson Lee for making the awesome logo for The Portland Tarot, and just an all-around incredible support for this project and the Kickstarter. He’s my amazing sweetie and I couldn’t do it without him. (And he makes a sexy Queen of Cups.)

Indiegogo funded my 2nd Edition of the deck in late 2013. Thank you to these people who rocked the casbah.