The New Deck is Here! (And Other Exciting Things.)

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Wow, a lot has happened since my last post. I can’t possibly cover it all in one sitting, but let me touch on the important parts.

First of all, if you’ve been here before, you may notice that the site has changed! Life and creative pursuits have been all-consuming, and it was about time that I refreshed the content on the site. I also gave the site a facelift in honor of…

The new, 3rd Edition of The Portland Tarot Major Arcana deck!


The Portland Tarot Front Cover

Now, I just did a 2nd Edition last fall, so why would I need to do a 3rd? (Wow, was it really almost year ago?)

The answer is that I needed to create—and had been talking about creating for some time—a retail-friendly version of the deck.

The revised deck has a new, sexy wrap that makes it easy to stack in on a store shelf and see immediately what it’s all about. (The old organza bag was elegant, but mysterious.)


Willie the Pug Angel and His Entourage of Unicorns

Willie the Pug Angel Bonus Card

I also added a new “Pug Angel” bonus card with some information on the back, in addition to the existing 3 bridge cards that were already there.

It’s pretty much the same reading guide as before. All of it is wrapped tightly in shrink wrap, to keep anything from getting away. I even purchased ISBN and UPC codes.

The new deck is $29.95, and even more ready for easy gifting, with a front and back cover that introduce the deck in all its glory.

Buy the Deck Now

Back of The Portland Tarot deck cover

The Portland Tarot Back Cover

After a year of hard work with my clients, I was able to save up enough moolah to print a whopping 1,000 decks! Now I’m ready to place them in stores around Portland and the US. (If you are a store and are interested in retail placement, please contact my sales goddess Ailey at to get more info.)

Tarot Readings with Theresa

Also, did you know that I do Tarot readings? This last year I had many opportunities to do readings for people. I read for a total of 50 people at this year’s World Domination Summit. (I wish I had taken a photo of the long line, it was amazing.) I’ve been reading a long time, but I have to say, the hundreds of opportunities I have had to read the last couple of years have contributed immensely to a growth in my abilities. I’m just amazed and humbled by how a regular Tarot practice truly can hone our intuitive abilities and, dare I say it, make us even more psychic and tuned into powerful manifestations.

It seems like much of the world still views Tarot as fortune telling, but for me it has always been a tool for helping me shape my path and draw in what I most desire.

Learn More About Readings

Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens

Speaking of which, I have exciting news of a personal nature! My lovely partner in crime, Jefferson Lee (of Mount St. Helens fame), and I are getting hitched later this year! I couldn’t be more excited, he’s such an incredible and lovely human being.

He has been my steady right hand through this wh0le project, working with me late into the night to make big deadlines, supporting me unwaveringly even as we struggled to make ends meet while I was in the thick of the work… I am so thrilled we are finally tying the knot. I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

I can’t wait to finish my Miss Fisher Lady Detective wedding ensemble. (“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” is my current favorite addiction.)


Go Fund Me Page for Theresa & Jefferson’s Honeymoon

More proof that I am a lucky girl: one of my best friends also created this lovely GoFundMe page for our honeymoon, since we won’t be doing a wedding registry. If you want to support us on our new journey together and help us have the break we haven’t been able to afford to take in years, $5 here would be the way to do it! Or better yet, schedule a reading with me for this month, or after I get back from the honeymoon in November and treat yourself. Or buy one of the new decks for yourself or a friend!

Ailey Hines

Promotion Priestess,
Ailey Hines

Last but certainly not least, and I touched on this above… I now have a promotion and sales goddess (plus a rock of moral support), the mystical Ailey Hines, who also happens to be an incredible message master and multi-passioned solopreneur (check out her awesome “Sing2Talk” products that can help you learn basic phrases in other languages prior to travel by singing along with fun songs). I just love working with her, and am so glad she’s on the team!

Well, I think that’s the highlights, as if that’s not enough! I have a new card for the minors I’ve nearly completed that I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone, but until then…

Trust your intuition and have fun!