Celebrating World Tarot Day… and Intuitive Arts for Everyone

Celebrating World Tarot Day… and Intuitive Arts for Everyone

Posted by on May 23, 2015 in Intuition | 0 comments

Are you ready for World Tarot Day? It’s right around the corner, on May 25th!

For the longest time, I was clueless about this holiday. Funnily enough, the first time I found out about it was when I was contacted a couple of years back to be a subject for an article about Tarot and the holiday celebrating it that appeared in The Oregonian.

You’d think I’d have been more aware of a day that celebrates such a huge passion of mine (and was a big event at Tarot.com, too, where I worked for about a year).

I’m not generally a big holiday person, but I really do like World Tarot Day. Not just because I love Tarot itself, but because I am a big believer in spreading the word about the intuitive arts.

Tarot is such a great entry point for folks learning to experiment with their intuitive gifts, so a holiday celebrating it can only be good for the expansion of the art. But, most of all, the more exposure Tarot gets, the more myths we can dispel and the more widely accepted it will become.

I deeply believe, if more people were to learn healthy skills that allow them to tap into their own powerful intuitive abilities, our world would be a much more peaceful and deeply satisfied place.

Intuition doesn’t just belong to psychics, readers, and healers. Perhaps these individuals are born with a stronger connection to this ability, or were able to learn it through life experience and the help of teachers.

Intuition is innate and something each and every one of us possesses, to some degree or another.

Tarot and other divinatory tools like it allow us to more easily access that ability by circumventing our addiction to logic and tapping into our centers of play. It’s a way to trick our subconscious into coming out to have a conversation with us. And that subconscious isn’t just an aspect of our psyche, but also maintains our connection to our own soul and life purpose.

I see Tarot as a freewill tool that allows us to treat our life more like the fun game it can be, and not take ourselves so damned seriously. I mean, sometimes a Tarot reading can feel life-or-death serious. Ultimately, though, even the most serious reading is allowing us to treat our life as a story and act as a witness. From the place of witness, powerful change can emerge.

Could the world use more of that? Hell yes.

So, yeah. Happy World Tarot Day, friends. I hope you spend it with your favorite deck. And, even better, with a Tarot friend or two.



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