Art Show Opening and Kickstarter Benefit for The Portland Tarot, May 8th, 6-9pm

Art Show Opening and Kickstarter Benefit for The Portland Tarot, May 8th, 6-9pm

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Want to see some big prints of the art in person? There’s an art show coming up next week!

Wednesday, May 8, 6-9pm
Cathedral Park Restaurant
6635 N. Baltimore Ave.
Portland, OR 97203

We will have a folk/jazz band! The weather looks to be lovely, and the view is incredible from the restaurant. Plus the drinks and food are amazing.

Raffle tickets will be $5 each. If you choose to pledge to the Kickstarter, you can get a raffle ticket for each $5 you pledge, up to 6 raffle tickets per person!

There will also be an opportunity to play King or Queen of whatever suit of your choosing in a take home Tarot card, for only a $10 contribution.

If you pledge for one of the higher-level Kickstarter rewards at the party, you can go home with a bonus print of your choice. I’ll also be selling some smaller prints of art that aren’t currently available on the Kickstarter.

The restaurant and bar will be open for business that night, so come on by, grab a drink and some dinner, and join us for a fun night of Tarot and art.

More info on the Craigslist post for the event:

About the Tarot Card Photo Op

Since so many folks have asked me to be in the deck, I thought it would be fun to set up a backdrop and let folks pose as the Queen or King of the suit of their choice. We’ll take a quick photo (you can toss on whatever costume-y goodies you want that we happen to have on hand) and then place it into a Tarot card template and print it out for you to take home.

Now, if you are dying to be in the actual deck yourself, the only way to GUARANTEE it is to take advantage of the Kickstarter reward that allows you to do just that! I’m not taking any new model requests right now, as I’m fully booked up for all the pieces I have planned to date. So if you’ve got a hankerin’, then this is the way to make your dream a definite reality.

But, if you just want to have a little fun playing Tarot, then our fun photo set up next Wednesday might be just the thing to sate you! (Or will it make you hungry for more? Hmm…)

Hope to see you there! It’s gonna be great fun.